Unable to watch Lesson 3, Section 1 in Course 101

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Original topic: 101课程中lesson3第一节无法观看

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In the 101 course, Lesson 3, Section 1 on TiKV-Persistence cannot be watched. Can you please address this issue? It keeps loading endlessly, while other videos are working fine.

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Playback error

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Try switching browsers and use Google to see~

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Hello, I have tried Google, 360, and Firefox, but none of them work. I also noticed that others have reported the same issue with this course, TiKV-Persistence, being unwatchable. It’s not just my problem. Could you please check with the technical staff to see if it can be resolved?

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Then it might be an issue with the video itself, you’ll have to contact the official website for assistance…

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Your computer doesn’t have enough memory, just clean it up and it will be fine.

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I’ll have the course team members take a look.

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Hello, you can upgrade your browser version. If the version is too low, such issues may occur. Alternatively, you can disable GPU hardware acceleration in Chrome. Here’s how: In the Chrome browser, type chrome://flags/, search for Hardware-accelerated video decode, select disabled, and then restart the browser.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I just tried it, but it still doesn’t work even after disabling GPU hardware acceleration. You can check it yourself to see if it can be played, lesson 3 on TiKV persistence in course 101.

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There doesn’t seem to be any issue with the latest version of Google Chrome :grinning:

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The simplest method is to drag the progress bar to the starting position before looping again.

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It could be a system issue.