Update Stuck

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Original topic: update 更新卡住

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Partitioned tables and non-partitioned tables, performing a left join operation, querying over 20 million rows based on partitions, the update has been stuck and not committing.

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The default value of tidb_enable_clustered_index is INT_ONLY, which means that only tables with integer primary keys will use clustered indexes by default.

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“SELECT * FROM information_schema.CLUSTER_TIDB_TRX; Let’s see if there are any locks.”

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It probably didn’t finish executing.

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Try reducing the data size; it might be too large, causing a timeout and rollback.

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There is a lock, START_TIME: 2023-04-03 09:47:39.223000
CURRENT_SQL_DIGEST: 6cf71fa94dd0666d7ec67ce208da45d6115dbbfd501714b40dbb061221f33454
STATE: LockWaiting
WAITING_START_TIME: 2023-04-03 12:48:42.544918

The information_schema.data_lock_waits table is empty, how can I check which SQL caused it?

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The status has changed to Idle again, is it still executing?

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You can add a limit to the update statement.

20 million should not be executed directly; even if killed, it will take a long time to roll back.

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Sorry, it’s not 20 million, it’s 2 million. I added an extra zero. It kept executing without any locks, and now I’ve killed it. It’s quite strange. It’s a partitioned table, and the execution was done in batches according to the partitions. Data larger than this partition has already been executed.

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Please provide the cluster version and the following information. The methods are as follows:

  1. EXPLAIN FOR CONNECTION connection_id
    connection_id is the session id currently executing this SQL, obtained through show processlist.

  2. curl http://{tidb-ip}:10080/debug/zip?seconds=60 --output debug.zip
    tidb-ip is the IP of the TiDB instance currently executing this SQL, and 10080 is the default value for the status port.