Upgrade Check Reports Some Regions Unhealthy

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Original topic: 升级检查报错部分region 不健康

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  1. Preparing for cluster upgrade, directly checked and found some regions in the cluster are abnormal.
  2. Checked the monitoring and found some regions are down and some are pending.
  3. Checked the monitoring and found logs near the real-time point.
  4. Checked the nodes, all are up, no restart actions occurred.
  5. Checked the forum, similar cases require manual removal of errors, not sure if this is the correct handling method.

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From pd-ctl, check region check miss-peer to see if there are any regions missing the majority of replicas. If not, then it’s fine. These logs just indicate that the merge cannot be executed.

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The issue has been resolved. It was caused by a node’s disk space exceeding 95%, leading to abnormal behavior.

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Can you tell me how your disk is full with just 2.3 GB of data?

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Test reuse environment

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Excellent :+1:

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When the usage rate reaches 80%, data should no longer be written.

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