Upgrading TiDB cluster version from V5.4.0 to V6.5.0, master-slave cluster, currently the following issues have been found:

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Original topic: tidb集群版本由V5.4.0升级到V6.5.0,主从库集群,目前发现有如下问题:

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  1. When there is TiFlash in the slave cluster and it receives KV data changes sent by CDC from the upstream master cluster, regardless of whether CDC synchronization is done first or TiFlash is loaded first, it will cause TiFlash to crash and generate a large number of core files;
  2. There is an issue with insufficient permissions for ordinary users logging into the dashboard page in the master cluster.

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  1. No data in the service ports status on the Dashboard monitoring page:

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You can refer to tidb 6.5.0部署tiflash失败 - #14,来自 solotzg-PingCAP - TiDB 的问答社区 for troubleshooting the issue.

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Could you specify which interface you are referring to?