Urgent Inquiry: Issue of mysql.tidb_background_subtask Table Not Existing When Starting tidb-server

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Original topic: 关于tidb-server启动时mysql.tidb_background_subtask表不存在的问题,急请教

| username: yifan

[TiDB Usage Environment] Testing
[TiDB Version] Master version
[Reproduction Path] Compile and start the latest version
[Encountered Problem: Issue Phenomenon and Impact]
When starting the self-compiled tidb-server, the following error occurs:

It is the issue of the mysql.tidb_background_subtask table not existing. Do I need to run a bootstrap SQL FILE to create it?
I am using the previous tikv database rocksdb file, but if I recreate the tikv file, tikv cannot start on port 2379.
Urgently seeking advice
[Resource Configuration] CentOS-7 virtual machine
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| username: yifan | Original post link

Thank you all. After I rebuilt all the PD and TiKV files, it worked.
However, my previous database already had a lot of test data. Could I actually create a background table using the bootstrap SQL file parameter when starting up?

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Yes, but why are you using the master version for testing? This issue might be due to some adjustments made during initialization that haven’t been tested.