Using DM to Migrate MySQL Databases: Migrating Specific Databases from One MySQL Instance to Another

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Original topic: dm 做迁移mysql数据库,利用dm迁移mysql中指定的库到另一台mysql数据库上

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After testing, DM can migrate normally in MySQL 5.7, but it cannot be used in MySQL 5.6. What could be the problem? Has anyone encountered this before?
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TiDB is highly compatible with MySQL 5.7, but not highly compatible with 5.6. I guess it’s a compatibility issue.

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Didn’t they say it was compatible with the MySQL protocol?

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Is there a specific error? Additionally, there are many mature solutions for migration between MySQL databases. Using DM for this feels a bit inappropriate.

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A project I worked on a long time ago had specific errors that I no longer remember. When I switched the database to version 5.7, the tasks started normally, but with version 5.6, none of the tasks could start. The MySQL database itself can be migrated, and I used DM for migration because there are many databases, and I needed to specify a few of them to migrate. These databases are around 200GB in size, and the source database cannot be altered (smooth migration, with a maximum downtime of a few minutes). Mysqldump is not suitable. I couldn’t think of a suitable method, so I just learned DM to see if it could be used. I found that it works with version 5.7 but is not compatible with version 5.6.

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