Welcome to "Voice of TiDB Community Users 005", First Experience with Vector Search! This episode's guest: He Ao, Head of the TiDB Team at Digital China

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Original topic: 欢迎收听「TiDB 社区用户之声 005」,Vector Search 初体验!本期嘉宾:神州数码 TiDB 团队负责人 何傲老师

| username: 社区小助手

:partying_face: This week’s guest: He Ao @hey-hoho, Head of TiDB Team at Digital China

He Ao, Technical Lead of the TiDB Team at Digital China Group, and an on-call person for the TiDB Titanium Alloy Team

As a moderator of the TiDB community, he has deep insights and rich experience in the technical field. He has been awarded TiDB Community MVA for 2021, MVA & MOA for 2022, MVA for 2023 and 2024, TiDB Regional Organizer, TiDB Community Honorary Writer, and has won the TiDB Community Essay Contest for three consecutive years.
In his three and a half years in the community, he has published 21 technical articles, replied 1227 times, provided 234 technical solutions, and earned 45 badges!

In this episode of Community Voices, Mr. He Ao will share with us the journey from beginner to expert in TiDB, the building of the community star “Titanium Alloy Team,” and new explorations in DB + AI!