What are Grafana and Dashboards used for?

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Original topic: Grafana和Dashboard都用来做什么

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Grafana and Dashboard in TiDB are mainly used for what purposes?

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Grafana and Dashboard are both monitoring tools.
Dashboard is a built-in monitoring tool of the PD component, with fewer monitoring metrics compared to Grafana, but it includes features like heatmaps, slow query, and log query.
Grafana is a monitoring tool built using open-source software Prometheus and Grafana, with more monitoring metrics.

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It should be said that the focus of the two types of monitoring is different. Grafana collects data for displaying monitoring content, and there is a lot of content being monitored here, such as the latency and usage of each functional component like TiKV, TiDB, and TiFlash. On the Dashboard, I pay attention to TOP SQL, slow queries, and SQL execution plan information.

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Used for analyzing problems :joy_cat:

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Just getting started, there are too many tools. For example, for the client, you can use Tiup client or mysql.

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Well, using the MySQL client for the client is fine, the one in tiup is not good to use.

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They are all tools used for problem analysis.

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Grafana is an open-source metric analysis and visualization system. TiDB uses Grafana to display monitoring information related to various components of the TiDB cluster.

TiDB Dashboard is a graphical interface provided by TiDB starting from version 4.0, which can be used to monitor and diagnose the TiDB cluster. TiDB Dashboard is built into TiDB’s PD component and does not require separate deployment.

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Monitoring and Analysis

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