What are the main differences between TiDB and MySQL? What are the advantages?

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Original topic: tidb和mysql差异主要有哪些?优势是什么

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What are the main differences between TiDB and MySQL? What are the advantages?

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You can refer to the official documentation

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The main advantage is that it can support larger data volumes and horizontal scaling without the need for database sharding.

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The topic is quite broad. I saw an article that you can check out.

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  1. Data Distribution and Load Balancing
    MySQL requires manual configuration for data sharding and load balancing, whereas TiDB can automatically distribute data across multiple nodes and achieve load balancing.

  2. Data Consistency
    MySQL uses master-slave replication to achieve data consistency. After data is written to the master node, it is asynchronously replicated to the slave nodes. TiDB, on the other hand, uses the Raft protocol to ensure data consistency by electing a Leader node to guarantee data consistency.

  3. Scalability
    MySQL has limited scalability and usually requires manual vertical or horizontal scaling. TiDB’s distributed architecture allows it to easily achieve horizontal scaling by simply adding more nodes.

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Fault tolerance, availability, performance, and many other aspects are better than MySQL.

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TiDB is distributed, so there is no need to split databases and tables.

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Two different databases, TiDB uses the MySQL protocol. It’s not that TiDB is compatible with MySQL databases, but it is compatible with the MySQL protocol.

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