What does everyone use for TiDB server load balancing?

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Original topic: 大家都用什么做tidb server的负载均衡?

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In the past, when using other database middleware, we used LVS+KP or F5. I see that the TiDB documentation has a best practice: HAProxy Best Practices in TiDB

It only introduces the installation of HAProxy without combining it with KP or similar tools. The actual situation shouldn’t be like this, right?
I’ve always heard about HAProxy but never actually used it. I hope experienced friends can share their insights, and having related documentation would be even better.

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You can check out this article

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Configure Load Balancer

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A more cost-effective solution than HAProxy with keepalive is to use an F5 load balancing device.

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I didn’t use containers.

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haproxy + keepalive ensures high availability of load balancing, or use load balancers like F5.

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Are there any best practices for haproxy+ keepalive?

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Just add a keepalive and use VIP as the load balancing address. This way, if any haproxy encounters an issue, high availability service can still be provided through the VIP.

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If you want to be cautious, use keepalived + haproxy. However, the downside of haproxy as a proxy is that if one of the backend TiDB nodes goes down, users will need to reconnect. It is not seamless. The advantage is that it is mature and reliable.

If it’s for experimentation or testing, the official bot posted a very interesting video on Bilibili.

In the video, the proxy used is tiproxy, which is also similar to the keepalived + tiproxy solution. From the demonstration, it seems that several backend TiDB nodes can go down without the client noticing. This is very cool.

Additionally, I have experimented with TiDB 7.1 + ProxySQL 2.5.2.
ProxySQL works well as a proxy for MySQL, but when used as a proxy for TiDB, some SQL queries result in errors while others do not. Due to my limited skills, I couldn’t figure out the issue, so I abandoned this combination.

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For software load balancing, haproxy+keepalived is commonly used. I’ve also used others.

I previously wrote an article on this topic: 专栏 - 这么多TiDB负载均衡方案总有一款适合你 | TiDB 社区

If conditions allow, go for F5; it’s more effortless and worry-free.

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F5 network engineers are not in the same department, can’t be bothered to deal with it together. :joy:

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This article is quite clear, I’ll try replacing LVS with HAProxy. :grinning:

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TiDB itself is stateless. Could the official team develop a component to implement HAproxy keepalive functionality to achieve VIP? I think this is very necessary, so customers don’t have to deploy additional components themselves.

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Strongly support TiDB official development of a component.

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It seems like there is a tiproxy in the roadmap?

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The CLB on Alibaba Cloud

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