What domestic databases have you used in production, which ones are worth recommending, and which ones have you encountered significant issues with and reverted from?

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Original topic: 大家在生产上有用过哪些国产数据库呢,有哪些数据库值得推荐,又有哪些踩过大坑然后回退的

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What domestic databases have you used in production? Which databases are worth recommending, and which ones have you had major issues with and reverted from?

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TiDB :smiley:. No rollback, still using it.

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TiDB, DM, Kingbase, Nanda General, Shenzhou General, etc.
The choice or recommendation of a domestic database should depend on your actual needs (compatibility, ease of migration, etc.) and test results.
I think the pros and cons of TiDB are quite distinct: it is open-source and free, has a good ecosystem, an active forum, and comprehensive documentation. However, it requires more machines and higher configurations compared to other databases, and the maintenance costs are also significantly higher.
The remaining databases all require purchasing a license, and possibly due to the cost, you can directly contact their customer service if you encounter any issues. Their forums are not very active. I personally find the documentation of some databases not very user-friendly. However, in terms of server quantity or configuration, they may require fewer resources than TiDB, and a single instance or master-slave architecture is generally sufficient for most scenarios.
So far, I haven’t encountered any major pitfalls with these databases.

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TiDB, the bugs and issues encountered are all waiting for the vendor to upgrade and resolve.

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The more you use TiDB, the more you need it.

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TiDB, RDS, DRDS, OceanBase, AntDB rolling back is not an option, if there are pitfalls, just push through them…

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TiDB, always moving forward, never retreating.

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TiDB, continuously upgrading

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The migration from MySQL to TiDB can be said to be very smooth. The difficulty lies in the need for an in-depth understanding of distributed databases after the migration, which can solve many problems. Fortunately, the TiDB community is quite active.

When it comes to domestic databases, it’s better to choose the leading ones, such as TiDB, OceanBase (OB), Kingbase, and DM.

Personally, I want to express a viewpoint: other major foreign companies also encounter problems. The difference is that when problems arise, Google and Baidu can solve most of them. Many domestic databases find it difficult to achieve this, as their ecosystems are not mature or active.

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Currently using only DM, testing TiDB, OB, GaussDB, and TDSQL.

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I’ve used MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, TiDB, Redshift, and Huawei DWS. Overall, I recommend PostgreSQL, TiDB, and Redshift. Stability should definitely be the top priority when choosing a database.

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:yum: PG should not be a domestic database~

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HighGo and Renmin University GoldenDB are both based on PostgreSQL, which I don’t think highly of. I still prefer TiDB.

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TiDB or TeleDB

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Haha, I didn’t read the question carefully. Of course, I recommend TiDB for domestic use. It’s truly open-source, with a thriving community and a friendly TiDBer community. Unlike some so-called open-source projects that are just marketing fluff. As a guinea pig for HuaweiCloud DWS3.0, I can also recommend it for its resource management, elastic scaling, and integrated lakehouse capabilities.

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Last time, a friend migrated hundreds of terabytes of MySQL data to TiDB, resulting in about 10+ terabytes.

This compression rate is quite good.

I recommend TiDB among domestic databases.

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