What is the best learning path for TiDB?

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Original topic: TiDB最佳的学习路线是什么呢?

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I just started learning TiDB. Could you please advise on the best learning path?

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According to the official certification for PCTA and PCTP, each certification has related courses with key exam points.

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  1. Watch videos
  2. Read documentation
  3. Try to answer other people’s questions. I’ve seen someone go from a novice to an expert in just six months!
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Accumulating practical experience is the most important!

You can learn a lot of theoretical support from documents, courses, and articles.
Trying to answer other people’s questions is a very good practice process. Identifying problems, solving ideas, learning through communication, and growing through communication!

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My cousin is right. Official videos (https://learn.pingcap.com/learner/course), official documentation (TiDB 产品文档 | PingCAP 文档中心), setting up a test environment yourself, learning and practicing simultaneously, and then taking the PCTA and PCTP exams will make you an expert before you know it.

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The official free courses are excellent, with the only drawback being that the sound is a bit low. These are the best instructional videos on the market.

If you want to learn other things, you might find some comparisons on Bilibili. But for TiDB courses, other videos can’t compare to the official free courses.

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This answer is indeed good :+1:

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The fastest way is to convince the company to adopt TiDB and learn through practice.

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The official courses have clearly and comprehensively covered the PCTA–>PCTP learning system architecture, configuration management, cluster management, backup and recovery, data synchronization, anomaly diagnosis, query optimization, and more.

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Directly watch all of Mr. Dong Fei’s courses like 301, 202, 303, and then follow along with the experiments. Also, look at the community questions more often, answer the ones you know and research the ones you don’t. Read the official documentation frequently, and if you have time, you can also watch the videos posted by tidb_robot on Bilibili.

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Practice Yields True Knowledge
First, set up a test environment according to the official documentation. Learn while operating, and when you encounter problems, study the relevant theoretical knowledge.

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Watch the video…

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I first watch videos, accumulate points, and then get certified.

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