What is the download link for the dumpling tool?

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Original topic: dumpling工具下载地址是什么?

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What is the download address for the dumpling tool? Why can’t I find the TiDB-community-toolkit software package here?

Also, what is the difference between the tidb-toolkit-v5.2.2-linux-amd64.tar.gz and tidb-community-toolkit-v5.2.2-linux-amd64.tar.gz software packages?

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Indeed, I didn’t see it, haha.

If it doesn’t work, just use tiup to install it.

  • Execute the tiup install dumpling command with TiUP. After obtaining it, use the tiup dumpling ... command to run Dumpling.

You probably need to use the offline package to get this tool, refer to here:

And here:

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You can obtain Dumpling through any of the following methods:

  • Use TiUP by executing the tiup install dumpling command. After obtaining it, run Dumpling using the tiup dumpling ... command.
  • Download the tidb-toolkit installation package that includes Dumpling.

Version 8.1.0 includes

The version 5.2.2 mentioned by the original poster indeed does not have it; the official team needs to provide the package. It is recommended that the original poster use the TiUP method for now.

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In the offline installation package, or install with tiup.

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I found the download method. I really don’t know how this community-toolkit and toolkit are planned :joy:

| username: DBRE | Original post link

I found the TiDB-community-toolkit software package for download according to this address, but it doesn’t include dumpling.

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The documentation is quite messy. It might be worth considering integrating it later.
At least I found it, not easy~

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Because the official website does not have version 5.2.2 of dumpling

So the question is, should I download a version higher than the cluster version or lower than the cluster version? Or is it compatible?

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Use a higher version that is backward compatible.

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It’s in the server package. You can copy it to tidb-community-toolkit-v5.2.2-linux-amd64 and use it after decompression. Configure the environment variables properly and use tiup install component in the same way. My cousin said that higher versions are backward compatible, so downloading the higher version should work the same. :blush:

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Personally tested it, there should be no problem.

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Sure, sure :facepunch:

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It is generally not recommended to download and install packages separately now. It is better to use the package management tool tiup, which is simple and convenient. It is highly recommended.