What is the Kirin Euler Edition system?

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What is the “Kylin Euler Edition V10 SP1/SP2” system? I can’t find it on Baidu.
Is it KylinOS + openEuler?

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Baidu’s focus is different.

  1. Kirin is aimed at processors.
  2. Euler is aimed at operating systems. So, they target different things. Euler (openEuler) is a new operating system released by Huawei on September 25, 2021. Huawei’s Kirin chip is a high-performance chip series developed by Huawei and is the main chip for Huawei’s products.
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It looks like it was introduced in v6.2-DMR.

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It is a commercial distribution product created by the Kylin Software openEuler community.

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Is there a product introduction? I couldn’t find any information on the Kylin Software and Euler community websites.

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You can check his technical roadmap.

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It is an autonomous, secure, efficient, and stable operating system with excellent performance and compatibility.

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Hello, there is no mention of “Euler” on this entire page, right?

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@Billmay Could you please ask @TomShawn to confirm this statement when you have time?

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Feedback provided~ I’m also a bit confused.

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Support for Huawei’s Kylin and Euler operating systems 开源操作系统欧拉全新发布 |麒麟软件荣膺“最佳实践伙伴”奖项 - 麒麟动态·国产操作系统、麒麟操作系统——麒麟软件官方网站

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Thank you. For those who are not familiar with domestic operating systems, they might not understand the intricacies here. The confusion lies in the expression “Kylin Euler Edition V10 SP1/SP2,” which is actually not standardized and can only be considered a colloquial expression.

Other references:

Kylin Software and UnionTech Software are currently the main commercial distribution partners of openEuler, launching the Kylin V10 Euler Edition and UnionTech V20 Euler Edition server operating systems, respectively, and achieving large-scale sales in government, finance, and other industries.

Kylin is divided into China Standard Software (CS2C) Kylin and Galaxy Kylin, originally two independent companies that merged a few years ago. The CS2C Kylin version is V7.0, and the Galaxy Kylin version is V10. CS2C Kylin is a derivative of CentOS. Galaxy Kylin is a derivative of openEuler, and currently, it only has an openEuler version.

Kylin Secure Operating System (Euler Edition)
Copyright holder: Hunan Kylin Security Technology Co., Ltd.
Software Copyright Registration Certificate Number: 2020SR0265161

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The dnf command is used for installation. What system are you referring to?

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Really? I doubt openEule a bit.

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