What is the reason for the "command not found" error when deploying TiCDC with tiup in v5.2.2 and running tiup ctl:5.2.2 cdc?

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Original topic: v5.2.2用tiup部署ticdc运行tiup ctl:5.2.2 cdc报命令不存在是什么原因

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tiup ctl:5.2.2 cdc capture list --pd=http://10.x.x.x:2379
The component ctl version 5.2.2 is not installed; downloading from repository.
Failed to start component ctl

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Error: version 5.2.2 on linux/amd64 for component ctl not found: unknown version

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Should it be: v5.2.2
It needs to have a ‘v’, right?

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There is indeed a missing “v”.

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