What is the state of an undersized region?

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Original topic: undersized region是什么状态的

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What are the specific metrics for undersized-region-count and oversized-region-count? What issues do they reflect? From the literal meaning, it seems to be the number of regions under a certain size. How large is this size? During the period when the undersized-region-count increased in the screenshot, a large amount of data was being written.

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Are the 439 small regions due to setting a single table to one region or limiting TiKV’s split.byte-threshold? The default is 30MB/s, which may cause regions to be unable to merge or limit the throughput of regions, resulting in many small regions being split.

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Or the table has pre-allocated many regions, but the table data is not that much.

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There are almost no empty regions. You can check if the duration of 999 or 99 has any impact.

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The title of this issue was later changed to something more understandable:

add monitor to record some unhealthy region such as need-merge and need-split region. #4783

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I also have hundreds of undersized regions. In my case, there are partitioned tables with pre-split parameters added.

They won’t be merged and always exist.

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Can this thread be closed? Why did you dig up last year’s post? :sweat_smile:

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So, has this issue been resolved? I can’t open the issue~

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There are so many metrics in Grafana that I really can’t understand what they mean.

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The issue is about monitoring unhealthy regions, with additional monitoring for need-merge and need-split regions. It has already been closed, and the functionality is already available. It’s just that ↓ it’s not mentioned in the documentation.

Region Health Panel

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This document hasn’t been updated for a while. I’ll raise an issue to update the document later. This thread can probably be considered concluded for now.

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