What is the Ultimate Goal of a Programmer? - Keeping Up with the Times in Moral Education Textbooks

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Original topic: 程序员的尽头是什么–思想品德课本的与时俱进

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Could you send which textbook it is? It must be reported.

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I don’t know, just guessing based on the content.

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I found the source

No! I don’t like being laughed at | Xingbei Xingyu (qq.com)

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Awesome~~ :100: :100: :100:

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The second spring for programmers? :smiley:

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From early education to becoming a programmer, the ultimate end is a food delivery person. :joy_cat:

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Continuing to follow

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We strongly condemn with a firm attitude.

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Haha, I often scare my daughter by saying that if she doesn’t study hard, she’ll end up delivering food. If I end up delivering food myself, that would be shooting myself in the foot.

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(⊙o⊙)… Just ridiculous

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It’s really absurd.

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At this moment, I am reminded of a societal reality: being over 35 is considered too old for work, and being over 60 is considered too young for retirement…

What’s going on?

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I remember when I watched the old Spider-Man, Uncle Parker was fixing a light bulb, and he had a monologue.

The gist was that he used to be an electrician, and one person’s job could support the whole family. Now he’s old, retired, and has become someone who can only use his old skills to fix light bulbs.

Judging by the era, it’s clear that Uncle Parker caught up with electrification, which was the Second Industrial Revolution. During that time, he mastered the most cutting-edge technology and had the most respectable job. But the era of electrification will eventually pass.

At that time, I was wondering, will IT be an exception?
One can only say that there is no eternal power.

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It is said that 60,000 graduate students are working as food delivery drivers.

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Running food delivery won’t cause sudden death.

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Food delivery
A life against the current

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