What migration tools and solutions are available for moving from MongoDB to TiDB?

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Original topic: 从 mongo 到 tidb 都有什么迁移工具、方案?

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There was a post introducing the migration from Mongo to TiDB before. Is there any update or supplement? Or new migration tools or considerations?

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I have seen a Python script that implements the migration from MongoDB to MySQL before. I haven’t tried it, so I’m not sure if it works, but you can refer to it.

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Noted, but is it appropriate to migrate Mongo to TiDB? Mongo stores non-relational data, and TiDB’s support for this type of data is generally average…

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Yes, the issue with field types is significant, and very few people handle it this way.

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  1. TiDB Lightning: This is a tool developed by PingCAP that enables high-speed data import and provides features such as automatic schema conversion and data type mapping.

  2. DMS (Data Migration Service): This is a data migration service provided by Alibaba Cloud, offering a user-friendly interface and configuration options.

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I feel it’s safer to find a third-party vendor. It’s fine to migrate a few tables, but migrating the entire business is too risky.

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Field types can drive people crazy; there are many that need to be converted.

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Could you please elaborate? Is there an optimal solution for field mapping?

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I tried using DataX to transfer data from MongoDB to MySQL. Later, I handed it over to third-party companies like Yingfang and DSG to handle it.