What should I do if the error message `ErrBackupGCSafepointExceeded` is returned when using the `br log resume` command to resume a suspended task?

Error: failed to check gc safePoint, checkpoint ts 433177834291200000: GC safepoint 433193092308795392 exceed TS 433177834291200000: [BR:Backup:ErrBackupGCSafepointExceeded]backup GC safepoint exceeded

After you pause a log backup task, to prevent the MVCC data from being garbage collected, the pausing task program sets the current checkpoint as the service safepoint automatically. This ensures that the MVCC data generated within 24 hours can remain. If the MVCC data of the backup checkpoint has been generated for more than 24 hours, the data of the checkpoint will be garbage collected, and the backup task is unable to resume.

To address this problem, delete the current task using br log stop, and then create a log backup task using br log start. At the same time, you can perform a full backup for subsequent PITR.