What useful features does TiDB 7.5.1 have?

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Original topic: Tidb 7.5.1 有那些有用的特性哦?

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v6 removed the hotspot table cache. What are the good features in v7?

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Check out the release history; the documentation provides detailed descriptions, with each minor version including feature updates and bug fixes.

For example:

Feel free to take your time to read through it if you’re interested.

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Version 7.5.1 is a minor release mainly focused on bug fixes, and it should not include new features. If you want to check out the new features, you can refer to the V7.5.0 release:

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Although this is not 7.5, it can also be used as a reference.

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I’ve heard that analyze is much faster now, this is quite useful.

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Good stuff

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I’m here to earn points by reading the official documentation.

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If you need compatibility with MySQL 8.0, go for v7.5

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Performance optimization and high availability, with better compatibility.

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It is recommended that new features be updated in the latest official courses.

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Not bad, not bad.

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:thinking: Generally, it will be added. It was added for v6, and v7 and v8 should still be in the process of being recorded~