What's the trigger strategy for `auto analyze` in TiDB?

Trigger strategy: auto analyze is automatically triggered when the number of rows in a new table reaches 1000 and this table has no write operation within one minute.

When the ratio (the number of modified rows / the current total number of rows) is larger than tidb_auto_analyze_ratio, the analyze statement is automatically triggered. The default value of tidb_auto_analyze_ratio is 0.5, indicating that this feature is enabled by default. To ensure safety, its minimum value is 0.3 when the feature is enabled, and it must be smaller than pseudo-estimate-ratio whose default value is 0.8, otherwise pseudo statistics will be used for a period of time. It is recommended to set tidb_auto_analyze_ratio to 0.5.

To disable auto analyze, use the system variable tidb_enable_auto_analyze.