When configuring DM, there is a "short_error": "[types:1067]Invalid default value for error

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Original topic: 配置dm时, 有"short_error": "[types:1067]Invalid default value for 错误

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[TiDB Version] 5.0.3
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Both MySQL and TiDB fields are time123 timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘1970-01-01 08:00:01’

MySQL version 5.6

When configuring DM, the following error was reported:

"result": false,
"msg": "[code=26005:class=dm-master:scope=internal:level=medium], Message: fail to check synchronization configuration with type: check was failed, please see detail
    detail: {
            "results": [
                            "id": 32,
                            "name": "sharding table `xxx`.`xxx` consistency checking",
                            "desc": "check consistency of sharding table structures",
                            "state": "fail",
                            "errors": [
                                            "severity": "fail",
                                            "short_error": "[types:1067]Invalid default value for 'time123'"
                            "extra": "instance source_xxx on sharding `xxx`.`xxx`"
            "summary": {
                    "passed": false,
                    "total": 33,
                    "successful": 32,
                    "failed": 1,
                    "warning": 0
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I don’t see any incompatibility. You can take out the error statement and see where it is incompatible.

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Use the TiDB Dashboard log search feature to search for the keyword “command dispatched failed”.

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Execution is fine (note, check if the single quotes are Chinese characters, as this can also cause exceptions). Check other adjacent fields and such, as other errors might be affecting it.

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Since they are all sharding tables, why not create the tables in advance?

For this kind of sharded table aggregation, if you don’t create the tables in advance, won’t the primary keys conflict with each other?
Even if the primary keys don’t conflict, won’t there still be write hotspots if the sharded tables aren’t modified to address write hotspots?

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It seems there are no issues, upgrade the version.