When importing TPCC data, TiDB error: schemaLeaseChecker is not set for this transaction

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Original topic: tpcc导入数据时TiDB刷:schemaLeaseChecker is not set for this transaction

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During the data import process, the TiDB log keeps showing: schemaLeaseChecker is not set for this transaction. It does not affect the data import, but I just want to understand what this is for?

[2023/06/19 15:07:52.502 +08:00] [WARN] [2pc.go:1802] ["schemaLeaseChecker is not set for this transaction"] [sessionID=4555687891224877163] [startTS=442278470587777029] [checkTS=442278470613991425]

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schemaLeaseChecker is used to detect the connection status of each PD node in the TiDB cluster. If the PD cluster cannot respond to TiDB’s requests, TiDB will not be able to obtain the correct schemaLease, resulting in errors in transactions.

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It seems that this error also occurs when not importing data. It shouldn’t be a big issue. :grinning:

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