When there are no tasks in CDC, will TiKV generate change logs? If so, will they be sent to the CDC component?

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Original topic: cdc没有任务的时候,tikv会生成变更日志吗?如果有会发送到cdc组件吗?

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Which physical file corresponds to the change logs?

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Even if there are no tasks in CDC, the TiKV changelog will still be generated.
Whether it reaches CDC depends on whether CDC is subscribed or not. Without tasks, there should be no subscription.
The changelog in TiKV corresponds to the physical file, which is the WAL (Write-Ahead Logging) file. I’m not exactly sure which one it is :thinking:.

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Got it, that should be TiKV’s rocksdb.wal-dir.
The TiCDC node also has a redo configuration storage, which should correspond to it.

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The default value for the RocksDB WAL directory is empty, and I couldn’t find the WAL subdirectory. I’m not sure where it is stored by default.

The redo logs in TiCDC are generated by CDC for transaction consistency. This is unrelated to TiKV.

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