Which nodes need to be configured with SSH passwordless login for newly added TiKV nodes in the existing cluster?

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Original topic: 原有集群新增的tikv节点需要和哪些节点配置ssh免密?

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] v4.0.13
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[Encountered Issue: Issue Phenomenon and Impact] Which nodes need to be configured with SSH passwordless access for the newly added TiKV node?

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Tiup will automatically help you complete it when you add it.

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As long as there is an SSH trust relationship between the machine where TiUP is deployed and the newly expanded TiKV machine, it will be fine.

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One control machine is enough for TiUP.

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Only with the control node is fine.

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When using tiup for scaling, it should automatically establish SSH mutual trust. If not, you can refer to the new deployment method to add the new TiKV node and establish SSH mutual trust with the tiup control machine.

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With central control, you can use a single set of key files for central control and all TiDB nodes.

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When scaling, the target machine can be configured with or without SSH passwordless login.


  1. Configure passwordless login to the target machine on the TiUP control machine, and directly execute the scaling operation.
  2. If SSH passwordless login is not configured, use --user to specify the user to access during scaling, -i to specify the access key, or -p to interactively enter the user’s password.

For more details, please refer to the official documentation:

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If you use root for installation, you can also skip password-free configuration. During installation, enter the root password. TiUP controls communication through the tidb account and will automatically configure password-free access.

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Root installation does not require password-free configuration, nor does it require creating a tidb user on each node; the tidb user will be created automatically.
Check and repair:
tiup cluster check ./topo.yaml --apply --user root -p

tiup cluster deploy tidb-test 7.1.2 ./topo.yaml --user root -p

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No manual configuration is needed, tiup will handle it automatically.

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Use a password instead of setting up mutual trust, it will help you get it done.

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