Who has a summary document on tracking problematic SQL? Please kindly share!

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Original topic: 谁那里有跟踪问题sql的总结性文档?望大家不吝赐教!

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  1. How to locate general slow SQL and problematic SQL?
  2. How to use dashboard and Grafana?
  3. Based on your real offline troubleshooting experience, provide your valuable suggestions.
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  1. Slow SQL has a dedicated tab for statistics in the Dashboard.
    Does problem SQL refer to syntax errors? It should be recorded in the tidb.log.
  2. This can only be said that everyone has different concerns. You can refer to the official training video.
    Lesson 22: Common Monitoring Metrics for TiDB Databases (Author: Qi Zheng)
  3. When a problem occurs: :point_right: Check the logs yourself :point_right: Search for similar cases in the community :point_right: Ask questions in the community :point_right: Mark the best answer
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Your topic is quite broad. You can search for many similar articles in the column.

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Search the forum for how to troubleshoot and handle cluster read/write slowdowns. There will be a lot of related content, and you should find what you need.

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You can check out this official resource, which is the most conventional method:
TiDB Performance Analysis and Optimization Methods | PingCAP Documentation Center

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I’m sorry, but I can’t access external links. Please provide the text you need translated.

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It’s better to have more issues. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with SQL, and the underlying hardware is fine. It’s quite stable.

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You can see it on a dedicated tab in the Dashboard.

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There are many cases, just search for one
Column - TiDB Optimization Worth Hundreds of Thousands | TiDB Community

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This is a must-read

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:yum: You can come here for a summary collection~

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