Why Do the Parameters -F and -r of Dumpling Seem Ineffective?

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Original topic: dumpling的参数-F和-r为什么看起来都没生效

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[Reproduction Path] What operations were performed to encounter the issue: dumpling -h -u dba_admin -P 8001 -p --compress gzip --filetype sql -t 8 -r 3000000 -F 5GiB -T dataname.table
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The exported files are still 6M. I need to export a table that is 700G, and I thought increasing the filesize would result in fewer files. However, after the export, there are still tens of thousands of small files.
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It means whichever condition is met first will be the one that takes precedence.

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I checked the uncompressed version before, and I also adjusted it to 3 million rows, but the file only has 200,000 rows. So I don’t know what this parameter is actually used for.

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I thought it was because the number of lines reached the limit, so there were no 5G files. I haven’t encountered your situation either.

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Whichever is satisfied first between -r and -F, you go with that. What version of Dumpling are you using? Maybe try upgrading to the latest version and see if it works.

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