Why does TiDB crash and restart when querying something that can be queried in MySQL?

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Original topic: 在mysql能查出来,在tidb查询,tidb直接崩溃重启,是什么原因?

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[Test Environment for TiDB]
[TiDB Version] v7.3
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We have a super complex SQL query that returns results in 20 seconds in MySQL. However, when we run it in TiDB, after waiting for about 5 minutes, TiDB crashes and automatically restarts. What could be the general cause of this?
[Resource Configuration]

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If deploying in a mixed environment, perform resource isolation and enable result persistence for tidb-server.
You can try adding a few machines for TiFlash.

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TiDB ran out of memory, please post the SQL execution plan.

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Please provide the TiDB cluster topology and resource configuration.

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Attach the cluster configuration resource deployment, topology, SQL execution plan, and OOM log information. Only then can we analyze the specific reasons.

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What are the hardware requirements for TiDB?

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Monitoring and further analysis of logs are required.

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Execution plans are in the attachments.

Machine configuration: 256GB memory, 64 CPUs.
TiDB and MySQL are on the same machine, with TiDB and this MySQL keeping data synchronized.
TiDB is deployed as a pseudo-cluster on one machine to test whether TiDB’s performance is really better than MySQL’s.
The actual situation is not entirely so; some SQL queries execute much faster on TiDB, while others become slower or even fail to execute. For example, the one in the attachment can directly cause TiDB to restart.

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What do you mean?
MySQL and TiDB on the same physical machine?
How is TiDB deployed? Three TiKV on different ports? Or 1 PD, 1 TiKV, and 1 TiDB like this?

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Are the table structures the same on both sides?
In TiDB, there is a full table scan:

TableFullScan_1907                       | 26477481.00 | cop[tikv] | table:m  
TableFullScan_1910                           | 1147772.00  | cop[tikv] | table:w  

In MySQL, is there a primary key?

|  1 | PRIMARY     | m            | NULL       | ref    | idx_NumericalOrder,idx_NumericalOrder_PigID,idx_NumericalOrder_BatchID_PigID,idx_NumericalOrder_PigHouseUnitID_PigID,idx_NumericalOrderDetail_IsIn,idx_NumericalOrder_IsIn_Abstract | idx_NumericalOrderDetail_IsIn                | 8       | zhongguo_qla_business.w.NumericalOrderDetail                                  |    1 |   100.00 | Using index condition; Using where                     |
|  1 | PRIMARY     | w            | NULL       | ref    | wm_warehousestockpigextend_NumericalOrderDetail_index,idx_Guid                                                                                                                      | idx_Guid                                     | 108     | zhongguo_qla_business.s.Guid                                                  |    1 |   100.00 | NULL                                                   |
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Take a look at the TiDB cluster display.

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Your SQL has too many full table scans, please optimize it.

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It seems that TiDB needs to improve its handling of complex SQL. MySQL is written in C++, right? TiDB isn’t written in Java, is it?

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Written in Go

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Yes, MySQL and TiDB are deployed on a physical machine with 256GB of memory.

See the topology in the image below:

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  1. I recommend using version 7.5 (7.3 is DMR).
  2. If it’s a single machine, 1 TiDB, 1 PD, and 1 TiKV should be enough.
  3. Are the table structures the same? Why does one side use the primary key while the other side does a lot of full table scans?
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If the SQL index used in TiDB is different from that in MySQL, you can try adding a hint in the SQL and re-executing it.

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Makes sense. Whether the indexes and primary-foreign key settings of tables in two different databases are consistent is very crucial.

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Check the index and Foreign Key.

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Are the two tables built the same way? One side is doing a full scan, while the other is fine.