Why does TiDB still not support changing column types in partitioned tables with DDL reorganization?

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Original topic: 分区表要改列类型DDL要做reorg,TiDB为什么一直不支持呢?

| username: TiDBer_Wal2dh9o

The change column type DDL was already released in version 5.1, but even until version 7.5, partitioned tables are still not supported. Why is it always a half-finished project? Is there a plan to support it? Or what is the reason for not planning to support it?

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Plans will be made and tackled one by one.

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It feels like TiDB hasn’t been fully defined yet and is constantly iterating.

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It should be in the plan…

Just needs to be scheduled~

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After internal friction, restart and be patient.

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Have you considered handling it indirectly? Add a column, then delete a column!

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How should this kind of data be handled?

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Queries, inserts, or updates are all possible. Please give a thumbs up if you’re satisfied!

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This will require stopping the business, and if there is a lot of data, the time might be quite long, which is probably unacceptable.