Why is deploying a local test cluster on macOS unsuccessful?

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Original topic: 部署本地测试集群macOS为啥不成功

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Encountered an error when deploying a single machine on macOS according to the official documentation. Is there a solution?

Error screenshot

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I have been unable to successfully install on a single macOS machine. Is it missing dependency components?

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Check if all of these are installed.

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dyld: Symbol not found: ___chkstk_darwin
Search online for this error and see which package is causing the issue.

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gcc --version
Take a look

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I had no issues with the installation before. It’s an Intel CPU.

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Check the Xcode version, and you can also try using an older version.

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Try the previous version.

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There might be compatibility issues with ARM CPUs, right?

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It should be an issue with the macOS version. Installing on a single CentOS virtual machine went smoothly.

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I think the main reason is that the default value of tidb_distsql_scan_concurrency is 15. When the number of concurrent queries is large, the CPU usage will be high. You can try to reduce this value.

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It could be a CPU architecture issue; the new version of Mac uses ARM architecture CPUs.

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Just run k8s directly on a Mac, it’s easy and convenient.

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It seems like your question is vague, so everyone can only give you vague help.

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Try switching to root.

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Can it run on the older macOS version 10.13.6?

| username: linnana | Original post link

I forgot the root password, how do I reset it?

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It doesn’t seem to fit.

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I don’t know if this version of k8s can run, I’ll find time to try it out.

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