Why is the CPU usage of pd-server very high, close to 10%, and how to reduce CPU usage?

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Original topic: pd-server为什么cpu占用率很高接近10%,如何降低cpu占用

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Why is the CPU usage of pd-server very high, close to 10%? How can I reduce CPU usage?

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Theoretically, only the leader’s CPU usage would be higher. If there are no requests, the normal scheduling and heartbeat management will consume CPU. If there are many SQL requests, the CPU usage will also increase.

Actually, I don’t quite understand why there’s a concern about the PD-server’s CPU usage. Is the 10% referring to the server? How many cores are there approximately?

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Is 10% considered high? :face_with_spiral_eyes:
Show a monitoring graph.

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Same question :thinking:

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Is it 10% of a single CPU or 10% of the total CPU? If it’s 10% of a single CPU and it’s the PD leader node, that’s very normal.

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It is said to be a configuration issue. The percentage doesn’t reveal the problem, but there is a significant difference between 1 core and 10 cores.

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Reply to the boss, we can’t lower it. Not even 10%…