Why is the hotspot concentrated on one TiKV node and not distributed to other TiKV nodes?

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Original topic: 读热点为什么在一个tikv节点上,没有均摊到其他tikv节点上去

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] 4.0.10

When migrating data from a large table, the operations are as follows:

  1. Query data from table A within a certain time period, limit 500, and write it to another database.
  2. Delete the 500 rows of records just queried from TiDB.

Each execution time plus pause time is about 2 seconds. This table generates a large number of read hotspots. From the monitoring, the CPU of one of the 5 TiKV nodes continues to rise, while the other 4 nodes show no significant changes. This pattern persists while migrating tens of millions of data. Logically, the data leader of a table should not all fall on one node, right?

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It is related to the setting of regions, which is also related to the table structure. I suggest you take a look at clustered indexes and non-clustered indexes.

You need to plan ahead for what kind of scenarios they are suitable for.

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You can check which region corresponds to the table. Take a look.

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You can also use this SQL to check.

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From the table structure, it should be a clustered index. Will a clustered index cause all the leaders of a table to be on one KV node?

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If you want to solve the problem, you can check the execution plan of the related SQL for this table to see if there is room for optimization.

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I sent you the documentation. Take a good look and you’ll know how to solve it.

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How do you delete it? Does the WHERE clause have an index?

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Thank you very much.

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