Why is the memory usage in TiFlash's execution plan marked as N/A?

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Original topic: 为什么tiflash的执行计划中内存占用到 N/A

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I found that the memory usage in the execution plan of TiFlash is always N/A, so I have three questions:
1 - Can the current execution plan track the memory usage during the execution of TiFlash?
2 - Does the tidb_mem_quota_query parameter include the memory used by SQL in TiFlash?
3 - Does the maximum memory in the slow query list include the memory used by SQL during the execution in TiFlash?

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  1. It doesn’t seem to work.
  2. This parameter should be related to TiDB’s memory usage and has nothing to do with TiFlash.
  3. It doesn’t feel right.
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Resource control for TiFlash is still in progress and not yet completed. We need to wait a bit longer.

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I know the first one, it doesn’t work.

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