Will changing the machine name affect TiDB?

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Original topic: 修改机器名会影响tidb吗

| username: cf_data

Will changing the machine name affect the already deployed TiDB in a production environment?

| username: WalterWj | Original post link

Modifying the hostname will not affect the already deployed TiDB.

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If you are connecting from another machine using an IP address, it won’t be affected. However, if you are using a hostname, you will need to use the new one.

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If you deploy using only IP, there will be no impact.

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Generally speaking, TiDB is deployed using IP addresses, so it doesn’t have any impact.

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It won’t have an impact. Nowadays, various components in virtual machines are mostly connected using IP addresses or domain names, and rarely associated with hostnames. However, there will be differences in k8s.

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It doesn’t affect it. Basically, it is deployed using IP.

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TD generally uses IP addresses instead of hostnames.

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There will be no impact.

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Will parsing be okay?

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It won’t.

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Using IP deployment will not be affected.

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It basically doesn’t affect it, as they are all deployed using IPs.

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No, if you’re worried about issues like this, you can test it in the development environment first, and then execute it in the production environment once there are no problems.

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It won’t.

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No impact.

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It won’t.

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Check the parameter file in tiup cluster edit-config tidb-xxx to see if there is anything about HOSTNAME, usually it is set to IP.
Check the global configuration items:
Check the local configuration items:

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Some databases require configuring hostnames and even push DNS, which is really a huge pitfall.

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Which database are you talking about?