Will the backup automatically complete or be interrupted if the console is interrupted?

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Original topic: 问一个问题控制台中断后备份会自动完成还是中断?

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mysql> show tables;
| Tables_in_spot_archiver |

| transfer_record |
6 rows in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> BACKUP table a.b TO ‘s3://tidbba’;

SessionId: Your session timed out due to inactivity and has been terminated.

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Session timed out?

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According to the prompt, it was interrupted and will not continue to back up in the background.

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It is likely interrupted, just like copying large files on Windows and getting stuck.

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show processlist; Take a look
But I feel like it might have been interrupted

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This long-running operation can be run independently in screen.

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Won’t TiDB run in the background?

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The BACKUP statement will be blocked once it starts executing until the entire backup task is completed, fails, or is canceled. Therefore, a persistent connection is required when executing BACKUP. To cancel the task, you can execute the KILL TIDB QUERY statement.

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Log in again to execute, or extend the session time.

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The Bash session interruption must have failed.

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How about opening a Screen to try?

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It will be interrupted.

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Backup is an experimental feature, right? It’s better to use nohup br.

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Manually translated it, and it seems like it was terminated.

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Interrupt, will not run in the background.

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Use screen

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It’s better to use br. This feature doesn’t seem reliable at the moment.

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Interrupting, backing up the table to S3 using BR is more convenient.