Will there be a metadata lock when adding a partition to a table with 2 billion partitions?

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Original topic: 20亿分区表,add parition会有元数据锁么?

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Need to add a partition to a partitioned table with 2.2 billion rows of data. Noticed that there might be a metadata lock and want to confirm the lock wait situation and its impact range.
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There are already partitions, such as by year. Adding new yearly partitions later does not involve locking.

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The documentation does not mention this aspect, so I am quite confused. Oracle and MySQL both have obvious MDL locks when adding partitions.

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It should be the online dynamic partitioning feature supported starting from version 4.0.3, so it should be fine.

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The MDL lock is only available after version 6.5, and DDL does not block DML.

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We haven’t noticed any impact when using partitioning in Oracle.

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The video course mentions online DDL.

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