Will TiDB Replace Big Data in the Future?

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Original topic: TIDB未来会取代大数据吗?

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Will TiDB replace big data in the future?

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Currently, it doesn’t seem to work well. At least in terms of performance, TiFlash is still far from the top :upside_down_face:

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TiFlash should be fine once it’s set up. The volume is already quite large now.

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Big data has become much more widespread. TiDB, as one of the top distributed databases in China, can replace other databases to take the leading position. It’s like asking if China will replace the Earth, the Milky Way, or the Universe? They are not on the same level.

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:joy: Not the same concept, right?

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Big data has its own advantages, and TiDB has its own benefits. Expecting HTAP’s AP and TP to outperform specialized AP or TP databases is somewhat unrealistic…

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TiDB’s AP capabilities are not as strong as pure AP databases. TiDB’s value lies in data freshness and it has applicable scenarios.

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Just quietly observe the frequency with which various companies mention HTAP nowadays.

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Remember one thing: there is no silver bullet in databases that works for all situations. Each product has its most suitable application scenarios.

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The concept of big data: a data set so large that it greatly exceeds the capabilities of traditional database software tools in terms of acquisition, storage, management, and analysis. It has four main characteristics: massive data scale, rapid data flow, varied data types, and low value density.
Specifically, these four characteristics do not have defined ranges, so big data is just a concept without detailed boundaries.
I remember there was a column written a long time ago, not sure if it falls under the category of big data, you can take a look roughly

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TiDB can handle both TP and AP, it’s really powerful.

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It should not be able to replace it, as it is just one aspect of the database. The big data ecosystem is very large.

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There are many aspects to the big data ecosystem… not just databases.

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Two different concepts, okay…

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