Yum China Group is recruiting Database Operations DBA (Preference for those proficient in TiDB)

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Original topic: 百胜中国集团招募数据库运维 DBA (擅长 TiDB 的优先推荐)

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Victory Fighter (Shanghai) Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Yum China Group)
Position: Database Operations DBA


  • Daily Operations (30%)
  1. Responsible for routine database changes, including SQL queries/updates, index changes, data file management, account management, backup/recovery, and data synchronization/archiving;
  2. Perform routine inspections, maintain database monitoring and alerts, and ensure all databases meet SLA requirements;
  3. Ensure database operations/changes comply with security audit standards;
  • Emergency Response (20%)
  1. Respond promptly to database failures, coordinate with internal and external expert teams to quickly resolve online issues;
  2. Coordinate with internal and external database experts to monitor and analyze database performance issues;
  3. Analyze the causes of failures, generate reports, formulate corrective measures, and ensure their implementation;
  • Project Support (50%)
  1. Interface with application development, understand and analyze business requirements, complete database design and delivery;
  2. Promote high-availability architecture transformation, including architecture design and modification, management and maintenance of high-availability platforms, fault drills, and resource management;
  3. Improve the database operations knowledge base, maintain application project information, standard documents, operation manuals, design, and changes.


  1. Bachelor’s degree or above, preferably in computer science or related fields;

EXPERIENCE (and other qualifications):

  1. Over 1 year of database operations experience, preferably with experience in managing large-scale databases in the internet industry;
  2. Familiar with the architecture, operations, and daily management of mainstream relational databases (MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQL Server/Oracle), and understand high-availability solutions;
  3. Familiar with daily Linux operations, capable of basic troubleshooting of operating systems and network issues;
  4. Familiar with at least one operations monitoring tool, such as Prometheus, Grafana, Zabbix, etc., is preferred;
  5. Familiar with the operations of databases like TiDB, Redis, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Clickhouse, etc., is preferred;
  6. Knowledge of at least one programming language (Shell, Python, Golang, JavaScript) for automation capabilities, and familiarity with operations tools (Ansible, Jenkins, git) is preferred;
  7. Integrity, strong sense of responsibility, cheerful personality, good communication skills, and team spirit.


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Sign up, sign up.

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Yum seems to be KFC?

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Not just KFC.

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Transfer me 50, and I’ll vote immediately.

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Persistent storage

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It’s too far, I can’t go.

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Based in Shanghai?

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Yum China Holdings, Inc. is a restaurant company operating in China and is an independently listed subsidiary of the global restaurant giant Yum! Brands, Inc. Yum China owns and operates several well-known restaurant brands, including KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and East Dawning.

Yum China has an extensive network of restaurants in the Chinese market, covering cities and regions across the country. KFC is one of Yum China’s most famous and successful brands, with a large number of chain restaurants in China offering fast food and services. Pizza Hut is a chain restaurant that provides pizza and Italian cuisine, also enjoying high popularity and recognition in China.

Yum China is committed to providing high-quality dining experiences for consumers, continuously innovating and adjusting its menu to meet the taste preferences and needs of Chinese consumers. The company also actively promotes the application of technologies such as digitalization and mobile payments to offer more convenient ordering and delivery services.

Overall, Yum China is one of the key players in the Chinese restaurant market, offering diverse dining options through its various brands in China, and continuously developing and adapting to market demands while bringing culinary experiences to consumers.

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It just happens to be a good opportunity to check for gaps in your knowledge.
Compare his job requirements one by one to see where you might be lacking.
If you have a job, go for an interview to see if you still have market value.
See if you can still compete with others.
Check if you can answer all the questions the interviewer asks.
Isn’t this just like an exam?
It’s much more reliable than TCP/TCA exams. Everyone, go for it!

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I can fix computers, is that okay?

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The submission email is highlighted.